About LED

LED lighting system over the last few years has brought a quantum leap in lighting technology. OLS offers LED lights that consume less than half the power of conventional lights and can save over 60% electricity. Due to its high P.F. & low THD, LED has over 40,000 burning hours, thus providing longer life and better output than conventional lightings. With the innovative and cutting edge technology OLS provide LED lights which are ideal to replace high discharge lamps and other conservative/conventional lights. Due to its reduced maintenance and replacement cost, these lights are energy efficient, eco-friendly and mercury-free. OLS present an intelligent and energy saving option for street, perimeter and industrial lighting for domestic, modern workplaces and landscapes.


About Lighting Automation:

Lighting Automation is an elegant & stylish option that is more energy efficient, safe & secure. It includes controlling lights remotely, controlling lights through timer switches, setting custom light levels and schedules & controlling multiple lights as a group (scenes) on remote, mobile, tablet, ipad or any android device. It has various functions like Dimmer Function – that allows to set brightness of lights to different levels according to the time of day or location. Switch Function – that allows on/off of one or more lights. Scene programming – that allows several lights turn on (at various levels) while other lights turning off at the same time. OLS enhances the enjoyment & property value by integrating the magic of automation in your daily life. OLS provide custom solution to deliver a comfortable, convenient & power-saving experience for all indoor & outdoor lighting applications.


Our wide Array of lighting solutions

  • Office lighting
  • Lighting of industries, warehouses & sheds
  • Landscape/Façadelighting
  • Street & Perimeter lighting
  • Hospitals
  • Township
  • Residential apartments
  • Shopping malls
  • Lighting Automation
  • Turnkey Projects